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Digital Day is an annual event hosted by BBDO Proximity Stockholm. The mission with Digital Day is to continually raise and maintain the "Digital IQ" by providing the latest trends and insights on subjects critical to corporate digital missions, and mobile services. We live in fast-moving times in which changes happen on a daily basis in our multi-screen environment. Stay tuned with Digital Day.

Digital Day 2012

24th of April 2012

When humans connect, their lives change. When things connect, the world changes. Mobility and the Internet of things will have a fundamental impact on people, business and society. We are delighted to invite you to meet four evangelists in Networked Society, Mobile Behaviour and Experience Delivery.

First we got Internet in our computers and mobile phones. Now it's time for the next step – "The Internet of Things". Count the number of devices around you. All of them, cars, toilets, TVs, refrigerators, thermostats, will be connected to the Internet over the next 15 years. At Ericsson they envision a future where everything that can benefit from being connected will be connected. In 2020 the world will have 50 billion connected devices (and 7,6 billion humans).

SEO Training Course 2011

23rd of October 2011

How to rank higher on Google. With roughly 14 billion online searches happening every month, it's more vital than ever to rank highly on the search engine's result pages. Brian MacDonald, Director of Search Marketing at Barefoot Proximity in Cincinnati is coming to Stockholm to give us his professional Search Training.

Optimize your skills. These training sessions will help to acclimate you and your teams to organic search best practices, improving your results and preparing for what to expect in the future.

The Search Training is broken up into two different sessions. You are welcome to attend the whole day or join the session you find most interesting. This is a perfect opportunity to optimize your skills and get the latest insights on SEO.

Digital Day 2011

10th of February 2011

On February 10th we were over 100 people that had gathered at Berns Salonger to take part of Digital Day 2011. See the videos from the event and be inspired on the latest trends within digital marketing.


  • Creating content for the social media era, Reza Ghaem-Maghami, Global Digital Leader, Proximity.
  • ROI and Social Media, Nick Orsman, International Head of Data and Analytics, Proximity.
  • Global trends and the new challenges which marketers and their agencies are facing, Sabine Toennissen, Director Business Development at BBDO.

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